I Can’t Imagine Life Without Internet

Hello reader, welcome back. Wednesday 29 ᵗʰ march 2017, this is third times we meet here. In this occasion I will tell about “I can’t imagine life without internet connection”.

In human life in times like present, information is something that’s very important. In every element in this world, information is the main thing that was instrumental in the development and progress of these elements. And, can you guess? who has a role in disseminating this information to the entire world? I guess that is internet. Without the the internet connection, all of the information entire the world can’t be disseminated. No, not can be, but it will take very very long time to be known by everyone in the world. Because, in the days that we feel at this moment, all of the information, business, news, technology, knowledge and education, health, all of it can be accessed quickly and easily using an internet connection.

I can’t imagine life without an internet connetion. May be if an internet never exist in this world, we are not going to feel and enjoy the various facilities such as now. That’s in my mind when i am imagining it. It is appropriate for us thankful and grateful to God for everything that exist now. Without it all, does not rule out the possibility that i, you, or even all of us not as we are now.

I’m not much know and better about it, honestly. Because i’m not an expert in this field, but that is what i was thinking and imagine about. Hopefully this article can be useful for us, see you.


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