Last meet before mid test

Yesterday is our last meeting in english course before our midterm exam in this semester. Each meeting in english course for me is more like a puzzle, unpredictable, but i said it again, i liked it. Because i like challenges, thrilling but exciting. Hahaha.

At that meeting, we are reviewing the lesson that we've learned at previous meeting. we tested one by one, so we called one by one too based on our card attendance. I  listened one by one question that is provided to my classmates, easy but sometimes difficult, until it was my turn, that's enough to make me pounding. But, i've thinking about my answer, not good enough may be. In fact that is the best answer that i can give at that time, it's okay. In the end, i realize that i was not quite ready to face the midterm exam. So, i must prepare my self harder than before. I'm still less to memorize  about synonyms, and definition of a word.

And this is what i create to prepare my self, just a little for now.

Adopt = pick up
allow = permit
arrived = turn up
beginning =start
believe = faith
code = password
cheap = low
cost = fee
companies = business
compares = appeal
develop = expand
different = diverse
duties = job
enable = sustain
fallen = quiet
few = several
gates = portal
increased = up
kind = type
personal = private
potential = diverse
possible = likely
powerful = able
react = respond
rapidly = quickly
recognition = admission
system = method
suggest = recomend


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