My Skills

Hello, welcome back. Thursday, march 16 ᵗʰ  2017, finally we meet again here. In this occasion I will tell you about my skill, all about it.
When I was child, became an architectural is my big dream. I loved art. Painting and drawing is one of my hobbies. In primary school, arts subject are subject that I will always wait every week. Yup, that just because I was liked it so much in that times. But, at the moment I do not seriously doing my hobby, and made me not so good at it. Time keep running, until I was in university, I’m starting to like making something that I have described on paper into a real form in 3D. Many stuff that I’ve made at that time, sometimes I can get some money from it. But, once again I felt like a failure, there is no progress, simply because there is no seriousness to do. In college, I had limited time to do my hobbies, the tight schedule of lectures, and many activities of the organization that I do, is a good reason for me.
By the way, do arts is not the only one skill that I can do. The other things I can do is exercise, I really liked the exercise. Football and futsal are sports that I often do. Unlike before, there are the thing that still had time for me to do every week, although just for fun.
In fact, quite a lot of skills that I can do. Not just one, but there are two or even three. But we can concluded that some skill can’t be developed if we are not serious to do. A person's skills might have come from a hobby, a hobby which often to do. People can perform a skill because people are accustomed to doing that skill, which probably started from a hobby. So, do not give up on any difficult situation if we want to develop the skills that we have. Keep spirit, and see you next time.


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