Latepost III : Task of english course in friday may 19th, 2017


1.       What is speech?
2.       What aspect you must have in speech and before delivering the speech?
3.       Prepare a topic of speech for final examination!
Answer :
1.       What is speech? Speech is an activity in front of public, or oration  by someone for declare or represent an opinion, idea, thought, or overview about something that is considered important and worthy for discuss.
2.       The aspect inside the speech are :
a.       Opening greetings
b.      Content of the speech
c.       Messages and meanings contained in the speech
d.      Closing greetings
Before delivering the speech we must prepare :
a.       Set the theme of the speech
b.      Determine the purpose of the speech
c.       Composing a speech framework
d.      Prepare and collect speech materials
e.      Describes in detail the contents of the speech
f.        Analyze the atmosphere in the speech, general knowledge of the listener, the ability of the listener language, and others
3.       Topic of the speech : “Relationship between everlasting nature, healthy environment, and equal construction for better life and better future”.


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