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Relationship between everlasting nature, healthy environment, and equal construction for better future
Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarrakatuh Good morning, and best wishes to all of us. Before i begin to deliver my speech,  i would like to invite you to thank to Allah the almighty, who has given us mercy and blessing, so we can meet together in this blessing place.
 Ladies and gentlemen, It be a great honor for me, to stand right here int front of you all to give a short speech about relationship between everlasting nature, healthy environment, and equal constructions for better future. In modern times just like now, there have been many changes going on around us, the technological advances that have taken place, the built-in development, solely to meet the endless needs of humans. In line with the technological advances and developments, we should also be aware of the importance of maintaining and protecting the nature in which we stand. Because whatever we will do in this mortal …

Latepost III : Task of english course in friday may 19th, 2017


1.What is speech? 2.What aspect you must have in speech and before delivering the speech? 3.Prepare a topic of speech for final examination! Answer : 1.What is speech? Speech is an activity in front of public, or oration  by someone for declare or represent an opinion, idea, thought, or overview about something that is considered important and worthy for discuss. 2.The aspect inside the speech are : a.Opening greetings b.Content of the speech c.Messages and meanings contained in the speech d.Closing greetings Before delivering the speech we must prepare : a.Set the theme of the speech b.Determine the purpose of the speech c.Composing a speech framework d.Prepare and collect speech materials e.Describes in detail the contents of the speech f.Analyze the atmosphere in the speech, general knowledge of the listener, the ability of the listener language, and others 3.Topic of the speech : “Relationship between everlasting nature, healthy environment, and equal construction for better life and bette…

Latepost II : My Future Business

My Future Business Hello, how are you today?? I hope you guys are all fine. Today i would like to invite you to talk a ittle about our business in the future. Let’s make our little dreaming in the future for a while.
Talking about the future will certainly be an interesting topic to discuss, because we do not know what will happen to us, and we are the only people who will decide what we will become in the future. Talking about the future , i would be very interested when discussing about what i will do later. Being an entrepreneur has been my dream for a long time. What business i will chose still a ridle until now. But, if i have an opportunity to choose it, then i will choose to become a hydroponic plant entrepreneur. Why????
Hydroponic is the cultivation of planting by utilizing water without using soil with emphasis on the fulfillment of nutritional needs for plant, with more efficient water usage. In addition to environmentally friendly properties, hydroponic also has much bette…

Latepost : TUTORIAL HOW TO...

Tutorial : How to do prusiking for beginnner
          Prusiking is a technique used by nature activists, or wall climbing athlete for climb the steep hill, or climb a peak with simple equipment and easy to carry. Here i will explain the steps in doing prusiking technique.
First          : Prepare the required equipments needed for prusiking, like kermantle rope, prusik rope, webbing rope, carabiner, helmet, and gloves.                                                     kernmantle rope Carabiner

                                                             Prusik Knot

                                                                 Helmet                                                                    Gloves
Second      : After all equiped, install carmantle rope at gallows tree using webbing and carabiner as an anchor. Hang the carmantle on that anchor. Make sure the carmantle is properly installed and secure. Third         : Plug the webbing on our body, at our waist as a safet…

english course in this week (watching movie at classroom)

Watching movie in the class for the first time. akeelah and the bee, sound foregin for me, but we must watch it because there is a task to do after the movie. So, we enjoy it.
Question according to the movie : 1. Who is your favourite character in this movie? Why do you like him/her? Answer: Akeelah Anderson. Because, she completely is a humble person, kind-hearted, talented, other than that, she can spread goodness to others.
2. What is your favourite scene? What has that scene thought you? Answer: My favourite scene is when akeela keep learning without his spelling coach, and she get a thousand teachers around her, it start from her mother. She get her spirit back, and get support from every people. I can thought that there is always a solution to every problem we've face, when we do not despair and always try to do the best as long as we can do.
3. Mention at least ten words in spelling with their definition from the movie! Answer:
 - Fortification = Defense buildings, shelter during t…

Ask an Expert

This time i would like to write and share about my frind, Arie Pamungkas. We were friend since first time in college, he is my classmate.

Arie like drawing,one of his concern is face sketching. A couple days ago i took time to interview him and talk about his hobby.

me   : Hi, Arie.
arie  : Hi, Dian. How are you?
me   : Fine. Are you busy now? Because i need a little talk with you.
arie  : That's so? I'm not busy at all, what's the matter?
me   : I want to ask about your hobby on drawing. since when you started drawing?
arie  : Hahaha.. I like drawing since i was a child, sometimes i made it on the wall, but there was a time my mother bought me a drawing book. Not a good idea to make the wall dirty, right?
me   : Hahaha.. yeah, that's right. Butwhat kind of object do you like to draw?
arie  : I like drawing character, my favourite was kamen rider. Sometimes, i draw human figure. But as a child, it just a simple mark and circle.
me   : Then, when you start drawing face?