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Unit 4 : Robots in the home

  • Look at the picture :
The image show us about a husband and a wife. A husband who is reminded by his wife about health problem he suffered.

wife        : "The doctor says, you need to exercise more."
husband  : "Don't worry, i just bought a great new robot to help."

Obesity he sustained required him to do an extra exercise at home, but he is a lazy man, he actually relax and watch a footbal match in tv, and instructed the robot to do his exercise.

1. Critical Cartoons.
   A. Warm Up
        Work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss the questions below.

1. How many electronoc devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them!
Answer : I've used at least nine electronic devices, there are a smartphone, television, laptop, computer, refrigerator, rice cooker, washing machine, air conditioner, printer, fan, camera.

2. what activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?
Answer : There are many activities can do by robot. A robot can washing our clothes, there are just one of them. A robot can help people fly into the air, can help people move into another place, and many of them.
Ansmer : It would be great if robot can bring us to the future time, and conversely can bring us to the past time. But, if this really happening in this world, i think there will be a lot of cheos.

3. Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? what? why?
Answer : I think there are many things we should always do for ourselve and of course by ourselve too, for example do the exercise, because the exercise can make us healthy, and by the way i love doing exercise so much. Another thing to do with ourselve is learning about knowledge, because we can improve ourselve with many knowledge of course if we do that hard and by ourselve.

2. Core Vocabulary
   A. Scanning and Skimming
       1. Find and underline the keywords in the text. And then try to guess their meanings.

Answer :
  • adopt is in line 4, the meaning of adopt by the sentence is lifting or  take in, and regard the robot as a part of their own family.
  • effort is in line 7, the meaning of effort by the sentences is desire to try to do something.
  • aid is in line 3, the meaning of aid by the sentences is helping people.
  • force is in line 6, the meaning of force by the sentences is impose some idea about something will be happen.
  • career is in line 11, the meaning is do business or job.
  • oppose is in line 5, the meaning is can not accept the existence about something.
  • code is in line 16, the meaning is a combination of numbers and letters to activated  or instructed something.
  • potential is in line 14, the meaning is a capability that might be achieved.
  • doubt is in line 15, the meaning is they are small opportunities to be realized.
  • serve are in line 2 and 8, the meaning is help people to finishing some housework.
       2. Readd the statement below. which best summarizes the text?

Answer :

           The best summarizes is circle B, "In the future, robots will help us in the home and might also be considered family members".

Note :

how to read the word with hidden letter :

  • hour : (awe:r)
  • listen : (lissen)
  • often : (offen)
  • wrist : (r:is)
  • who : (hu)
  • cucumber : (Q'kambe:r)
  • fuel : (fiwwel)
  • queue : (Q'wi)
  • interesting : (intersting)
  • doubt : (dawt)


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