my second meeting in American Corner UNTAN

Friday, march 24, 2017. Second meeting at american corner. At this time we were instructed to form a small discussion group that consist of two persons. This is not the first time for me, but i actually still feel nervous. But it's okay, i like it, because i like challenges. hahaha

Evi Tamala is my partner in this task. We make a conversation about "international robot competition". this task train our ability to create an english conversation.

And, the result is :

Work in small groups, make a conversation about an international robot competition. Decide the purpose, discuss the features, describe appearance, give a name of the robot you willl make !!

An International Robot Competition
Dian    : Hi Evi,where do you want to go?
Evi       : Hi Dian, no where, just walking arround here.
Dian    : Wait a moment,i have something to discuss with you.
Evi       : Okay, what’s up?
Dian    : In this month, there is a biggest event in our country. An international Robot Competition. Do you believe it? That are our biggest chance to showing up into public.
Evi      : Are you serious? I can’t believe it, but i’m glad to know that.
Dian    : yeah, me too.
Evi      : Finally we can show the world what we  can do. But, do you have an idea? What kind of robot we will make?
Dian    : Yes, i have. I imagine that i create a robot who can make or determining the budget plan. I sure it can be helpfull for everyone in civil engineering‘s job.
Evi      : Wow, that is a great idea, and i agree about that.
Dian    : What about you? What kind of robot you will make?
Evi      : I think about a robot that can help people to design a building, or draw a building plan.
Dian    : Wow, what a great idea. So, next we must determine and think about our robot features. This is one of important point in this competition.
Evi      : Yeah, you’re right. But, the things i describe before, that is the key features of mine, i think. Then, it’s same about what you have say too.
Dian    : Yeah, you’re right. I am not aware it.
Evi      : What next?
Dian    : Hmmm, i thingking about appearance of it. The simple shapes, or even it different to how robot generally. Because, my robot look more like a program, smart program that can produce a budget plan or anything else of human design. It is a microchip.
Evi      : That’s smart. My robot is similar with the robot in general. But, not with a full body part. It has two hands to work, which is connected to the computer and controlled by a remote control.
Dian    : Wow, that’s cool.
             What name that you give to your robot?
Evi      : Drawing autobot. It’s cool, doesn’t it?
Dian    : Oh yeah, that’s the fitting name.
Evi      : What about yours?
Dian    : You can call it Smart Autochip.
Evi      : Wow, cool.
Dian     : Thank you.
Evi      : By the way, i have imagine that if it can be realized, it will prized at one hundred million rupiah.
Dian    : What a price, that’s so expensive. So, that is similar with me. I have priced my robot at one hundred and fifty million rupiah.
Evi      : Wow, that’s more expensive than me.
Dian    : Hahaha. You’re right.
Evi      : Anything else dian?
Dian    : No, i think that’s all evi.
Evi      : okay, i must go now, some one was waiting for me in my home.
Dian    : okay, you can leave me now. See you evi

Evi      : see you dian.

That's all, hopefully this can be useful for us, see you.


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