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Tutorial : How to do prusiking for beginnner

          Prusiking is a technique used by nature activists, or wall climbing athlete for climb the steep hill, or climb a peak with simple equipment and easy to carry. Here i will explain the steps in doing prusiking technique.

First          : Prepare the required equipments needed for prusiking, like kermantle rope, prusik rope, webbing rope, carabiner, helmet, and gloves.
                                                        kernmantle rope


                                                             Prusik Knot


Second      : After all equiped, install carmantle rope at gallows tree using webbing and carabiner as an anchor. Hang the carmantle on that anchor. Make sure the carmantle is properly installed and secure.
Third         : Plug the webbing on our body, at our waist as a safety equipment, then attach carabiner on webbing.
Fourth       : Prepare two prusik ropes that have been knotted using fishermans knot. After that, attached the two prusik rope at the carmantel rope. The first prusik rope serves as a weight-bearing body resting on both legs. The second prusik rope serves to hold the weight of the body that rest on the webbing at the waist.
Fifth          : Plug the prusik rope on the carabiner, then lock the carabiner. Make sure it locked properly right.
Sixth         : Raise both of prusik knot on carmantle until waist-high.
Seventh     : climb on the lowest of the prusik knot, and stack all the body weight on the legs.
Eighth       : Raise the highest prusik knot at chest height, then stack all the body weight on the prusik it’s connected on the webbing at the waist.
Nineth       : Raise again the lowest prusik knot near the highest prusik knot.
Tenth        : Repeat step sixth until nineth, to the desire height.


Okay, that’s all the tutorial about how to doing prusiking. Remember, this is a dangerous activity, do not try this alone at home without a profesional besides you. Thank you


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