english course in this week (watching movie at classroom)

Watching movie in the class for the first time. akeelah and the bee, sound foregin for me, but we must watch it because there is a task to do after the movie. So, we enjoy it.

Question according to the movie :
1. Who is your favourite character in this movie? Why do you like him/her?
Answer : Akeelah Anderson. Because, she completely is a humble person, kind-hearted, talented, other than that, she can spread goodness to others.

2. What is your favourite scene? What has that scene thought you?
Answer : My favourite scene is when akeela keep learning without his spelling coach, and she get a thousand teachers around her, it start from her mother. She get her spirit back, and get support from every people. I can thought that there is always a solution to every problem we've face, when we do not despair and always try to do the best as long as we can do.

3. Mention at least ten words in spelling with their definition from the movie!
Answer :

 - Fortification = Defense buildings, shelter during the war = benteng
 - Grovel = not overbearing with the capabilities of = merendahkan diri
 - Doubt = questioning something = keraguan
 - Placid = Not reckless in making decisions = tenang
 - fanciful = amazed at something = fantastis
 - prestidigitation = something impossible to do or realized, non sense = penyulapan
 - eminent = Liked/Admired by people = terkenal
 - pastiche = Two or more objects are combined/homogenized = campuran
 - miscible = something/object combinated by accident = tercampur
 - correspond = right choice, right way = sesuai


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