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This time i would like to write and share about my frind, Arie Pamungkas. We were friend since first time in college, he is my classmate.

Arie like drawing,one of his concern is face sketching. A couple days ago i took time to interview him and talk about his hobby.

me   : Hi, Arie.
arie  : Hi, Dian. How are you?
me   : Fine. Are you busy now? Because i need a little talk with you.
arie  : That's so? I'm not busy at all, what's the matter?
me   : I want to ask about your hobby on drawing. since when you started drawing?
arie  : Hahaha.. I like drawing since i was a child, sometimes i made it on the wall, but there was a time my mother bought me a drawing book. Not a good idea to make the wall dirty, right?
me   : Hahaha.. yeah, that's right. Butwhat kind of object do you like to draw?
arie  : I like drawing character, my favourite was kamen rider. Sometimes, i draw human figure. But as a child, it just a simple mark and circle.
me   : Then, when you start drawing face?
arie  : It was two years ago. I looked some references on internet, and try to make my own sketch. I start collecting my friends potraits, and draw them too.
me   : What about a difficulties during make a face sketch?
arie  : Of course, it's in similarity. On the beginning, all of my sketch didn't look similar. But i learn on and on. Slowly, its going similar and finally it's make me feel happy.
me   : Are you going to make them became more realistic?
arie  : No. I'm not interest to make them realistic. For me, a sketch of the image should be a sketch. So it goes, some things are meant to be. If you need a realistic image, just take a shoot with your camera. Then, you already have an image of realistic.
me   : And what you used for making a face sketch?
arie  : Just a pencil and a sheet of pencil colours, sometimes i use paskel, but i try to make as minimal as cheap in drawing.
me   : Hmmm.. Alright arie, i think that's all. Thank's for your time for this interview.
arie  : Doesn't matter,it's pleasure to do.
me   : So long arie.
arie  : So long dian.


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