writing about why i continue my study to university level?

Why i continue my study to university level? That just a simple question, as simple as that. But hard to answered, hard to describe. I was made a long long story to achieve this level, to be on this current situation. Do you wanna to know the story? let's find out..
Seven years ago..
Shortly, when i've graduated from high school, that is the best day ever  happened to me at that time. I can't explain how it feel, i just feel very happy, happy with my self, proud of self achievement. Long day before, deep in my mind i've been thingking about how i will continue my education into the next level in university. Since i was in junior high school i always have ambition to be an architecture, because i love drawing, i love design,i love art. That only the reason what i wanna be. So, with no doubt i have decided to enroll my self into the college, and i choose department of architectural engineering in first choice and civil engineering in the second. A few weeks later i heard the result was published on media. I was dissapointed at the first time, when i know i've passed not in the department like i want to be, but in the end i am grateful of that result. Perhaps this is the best result that can be achieve.
After seven years, i realize that what i decided seven years ago was the correct decision. So far, i have been through the outstanding days in the faculty of engineering.

So, this is all of my stories that explains the condition i exist now. Thank you for your attention, goodbye and see you next time.


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